Women’s Top Ten Diseases

27 04 2013

Top_10_Disease_in_Women1: Breast Cancer – Breast cancer is most commonly found in women in today’s times. Then the 25-year-old girl or woman of 55 years. Furthermore it may not be fully developed breast cells and increase in uncontrolled way.

2: arthritis – the disease in women in the most painful knees. The disease joint pain, irritation, swelling, and it sucks.

3: cervical cancer – malignant growth of cells on the lining of the uterus grows in and after the Menopause seems to be bleeding.

4: Fibroid the tumor or tumors. Fibroid about 30 per cent of women suffer from this complaint. Fibroid a woman may be one and the many. Fibroid to complain of surgery for the treatment is provided. Fibroid usually come out from the uterine wall, which is the risk of infertility.

5: TB – it is contagious. Usually attacks the lungs. But can affect any part of the body.

6: Cardiovascular Disease – heart arteries and heart-related diseases are more frequent in women. It also led to the heart attack occurs.

7: Diabetes – Diabetes is a disease that women are more susceptible. Many women with diabetes and diseases occupy. During diabetes, insulin is stopped, it stops pancreas is functioning smoothly. Also many kinds of insulin in the gland hormones are released.

8: Osteoporosis – The disease that weakens bones and those in extreme pain. It was Menopause quickly, taking alcohol and alcohol balanced and mine – is to take a drink.

9: Pelvic Inflammatory Disease – Women in the lower back by Fallopian tube to the uterus is the tube that carries jealous. In this disease include abdominal pain during menstruation is so much blood flow.

10: Vulvar  Cancer – The cancer is in the outskirts of women Vagina. The burning sensation during urination, itching and bleeding is so.

In addition to the many diseases that are more men than women.

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What is Sunburn ?

13 04 2013

Sunburn-victimSunburn is skin burning which is caused by the U V Rays of sun. Sun burn victim’s skin peeling after a while through the normal healing process which is Descends.


Sun Burn Sun Exposure symptoms may be seen after a few hours but 24 hours after knowledge of the severity of damage can be predicted.

1 Red skin
2 Sun burn victim’s skin feels warm to the touch
3 Mild or greater pain
4 Swelling
5 Blisters – ranging from small water filled blisters
6 Terror fever, nausea and fatigue to


Exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays from the sun would burn. Melanin mechanism through natural body building itself prevents sun damage. Melanin a colorant (pigment), which is responsible for the color of our skin. Tanning of the skin (thickening of color) skin the natural way in which to save the most amount Melanin is formed. Under the skin from sun burn hurts. Because people of color in white linen Melanin is less risk of burns occur with them more.

Risk to Sunburn

Fair – people with light colored skin or lack of Mailenin easily become a victim of sun burn.


Sun Burn treatments only pain, reduce swelling and discomfort can be beneficial.
1 Sun Burn Press placing something cold on the part of the victim. Cold showers are also helpful.
2 Aloe Vera gel on the affected portion for relaxing or Apply lotion.
3 Some medicine like aspirin can take after the doctor concern.


1 Avoid sun exposure, from 10 am to 4 pm The sun’s rays are very hard. Stay out of the sun for a little while, and ‘safe’ is much better to get out in time.
2 Protective clothing and Gears – Wear clothing that covers most of the bike and hat with wide edges and use Sunglass that prevents UV rays.
3 If you are going from outside in summers then use the sunscreen lotion which have SPF 30 protection and if you are using it again then read the terms on the bottle of lotion.

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New cold Technique Against Cellulite

11 04 2013

fitness-fat-lossStill confidential, cool sculpting procedure erase small areas of stubborn fat. A method for cold, ideal for perfecting her figure without suffering.

It was nice of dieting and exercising, you do not necessarily lose weight in the right places. If liposuction is the most effective way to get rid of unsightly bulges technique, it is also the most invasive. Hence the interest of cool sculpting

Without Surgery, without anesthesia and without needle

This new technique can destroy small fat deposits recalcitrant by applying the cold. Specifically, the doctor applies to the area to deal with a kind of big absorber connected to a absorb that extra fat on the skin and lowers the surface temperature of about 3 degrees. As fat cells are particularly sensitive to cold, they will gradually destroy over the following weeks. Even if you wait at least six weeks to really judge the result, fat loss starts to be visible after 15 days. It depends on the initial thickness, but is usually between 5 and 15 mm, which represents 25% to 45% less fat. Depending on the depth of the fat mass and the desired one or two sessions reduction may be necessary.

Painless Sessions

Just be seeing a slight stretching sensation, inconvenience related to cold that disappears in a few minutes. The suites are often reduced to redness and numbness of the treated in the following, and in the worst case, a slight hematoma which will subside in a few days hour zone. Nothing that cannot help you return to your normal activities right away.

Attention cool sculpting does not solve all problems. It targets only clusters localized fat and small areas, such as love handles or small bellies. You will not get rid of your saddlebags with it. It can nothing against sagging skin or against stretch marks.

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Four Easy Tips to Make Your Body Muscles Solid

6 04 2013

Muscles_healthWe are explaining you here only 4 staeps which will give you the best body tone and extra muscles power. So here it is:

1. Get a Good Training Program- For the staff at the gym or a personal trainer in the evening. It is important to do the movements correctly, so you avoid injury and exercise is more meaningful. Vary the program, so that the muscles get the challenge. Coaching Services is now a student and a housewife budgets: for example, the six-week on line coaching costs about 50 euros. If you do not enjoy the gym, try the fitness centers, strength training classes, such as a ball or handle cross training.


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2. When You Exercise, Work Out in the Condition of Power- Muscular strength is often done with the weights three times from 10 to 15 repetitions. Of the resistance can be found in the program or facility, only a test: do repetitions at a weight as long as you can, and if you Well she can do more than you thought, take the next series with a bigger weight. Make a longer range of 20-25 playing series, which will reduce the meat properly.

3 Squeeze the End of a Little More- When you feel that you no longer have any strength to make another three more stores: they just increase the muscle the most. Training the muscles to burn properly. If you make three effective strength training workout a week, the results will begin to show in a couple of months. Walking and jogging are also good for different types of disease.

4. Connect the Fitness Healthy Diet- Add a plate of vegetables and good quality protein, such as lean meat, eggs, and beans. Eat five meals a day on a regular basis, and reduce snacking between meals. Drink lots of water. If you take a protein bar or drink to recover, choose sugar-free and organic alternative to, for example, one having a whey-based protein.