Ice Cream is Good for Health ?

16 04 2013

Ice-Cream-for-HealthWho does not loves to eat a good cone with two scoops of ice cream in the summer when the weather is hot and humid? Which food is better than ice cream when you live a heartbreak or intense stress? Yes ice cream is a food very good and refreshing taste, but this dairy product is it considered healthy or if it is fattening?

Ice Cream

This is done mainly cream and milk to which is added flavorings, fruits, eggs, nuts, chocolate, sugar or sweeteners. This food comes from the East, specifically China, was once reserved for rich people, but it was not long before the general public loves its taste, texture and refreshing effect.

Nowadays, the ice cream is present in markets, ice cream shops, the beach, stores, restaurants, etc.. They are available with different flavors so it is almost impossible not to love a like pistachio, maple, vanilla, chocolate, bubble gum, oranges, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries in dough biscuits, with pieces of chocolate or biscuits, mango, banana, nuts, etc..

The Benefits of Ice Cream

Calcium Source

All depending on the ice cream you eat, the amount of calcium differs slightly from ice cream to another. Since the ice cream is made from milk and cream, these dairy products provide a significant amount of calcium. Calcium provides healthy bones and teeth, help regulate blood pressure values to be in the normal, essential to the metabolism, promotes clotting and nerve and muscle function.

Source of Protein

In the same vein, since the ice cream is made of milk, it provides a moderate amount of protein, which are used among other things to reduce appetite by increasing the speed of satiety, retrieve and repair muscles during a physical training, etc..

Easy Digestion

Here, I want to clarify that persons who suffer from lactose intolerance cannot always eat ice cream because it contains lactose which is milk sugar. By cons, in recent years, some of them offer lactose-free ice cream, which reduces the inconvenience that this may cause in people intolerant. But also, in some cases, people cannot eat solid food for any health problem such as diarrhea and vomiting and will then make room for liquid foods that are easy to digest, which is the case for the ice cream.

Source of Fun and Refreshing

It would be very surprising to see a young child refuse ice cream cone or a young woman in heartbreak had not resist big bowl of ice cream and a love story. In short,  this food is considered a food pleasure, because it does not fully meet the basic criteria of health professionals. Finally, when it is hot outside, what better way to eat ice cream in good company.

Disadvantages of Ice Cream

Rich in Calories

An ice cream cone can provide more calories than a meal three services if you make the wrong choice. A large cone dipped in chocolate, with 2 balls, a caramel sauce and treats more than 600 calories, which is huge. The vast majority of calories from sugars it contains.

Rich in sugars

There is a very large amount of sugar in ice cream, which could become as fat reserves if the consumption of this food is common. Half a cup of ice cream brings more than 15 g of sugar, which is not negligible, especially when we want to lose weight.

Rich in Saturated Fat

Ice cream contains 10% more fat. Those that we find in markets with low prices contain less fat, they contain a large amount of air to double the volume. By cons, most expensive ice creams generally contain less air but a larger amount of fat, 20% fat.

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Learn How to Cope with Summer Diseases

15 04 2013

Health_Tips_SummerSummers are at their peak and It is to harmful if we don’t take precaution specially for child and old persons. The scorching sun and heat flows have tortured lives. Drench with sweat in her summer brings many diseases. Take precautions to avoid hitting stroke, diarrhea, chronic diseases such as smallpox and malaria may be facing.

Some Useful overcome these illnesses – about diet and lifestyle will have to take care of certain things, such as:

Useful Tips to avoid heat stroke

1. Because of the lack of the water body can lead to many major diseases. Drink more water it regularly. If you go out there, keep a bottle of water with you. The water used should keep the purity of the water. You have to give the body energy consumption of glucose can help you.

2. The fruits of the season, you should use water melon, lemon, coconut water can be consumed. This will not be short of water in your body as well as you will appear fresh. Do not have sugar cane juice or sliced fruit from the road sided shops,

it may be harmful for your stomach.

3. Use limited spices in your food. Spices can give you many disease mainly stomach related. So use it in very low volume in your food and many health experts also not recommend spices in summer.

4. Try to avoid go outside from your home and if it is important than use any cloth or umbrella to cover-up you head. Also keep in mind that your body is completely covered with fabric.

5. For some reason, consult a doctor immediately if you feel sick. Do not take any medicine without doctor’s advice.

6. During the summer months mostly the children is sick because whatever they eat, they don’t care about the hygiene and freshness. So parents should keep an eye on them more and more.

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What is Sunburn ?

13 04 2013

Sunburn-victimSunburn is skin burning which is caused by the U V Rays of sun. Sun burn victim’s skin peeling after a while through the normal healing process which is Descends.


Sun Burn Sun Exposure symptoms may be seen after a few hours but 24 hours after knowledge of the severity of damage can be predicted.

1 Red skin
2 Sun burn victim’s skin feels warm to the touch
3 Mild or greater pain
4 Swelling
5 Blisters – ranging from small water filled blisters
6 Terror fever, nausea and fatigue to


Exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays from the sun would burn. Melanin mechanism through natural body building itself prevents sun damage. Melanin a colorant (pigment), which is responsible for the color of our skin. Tanning of the skin (thickening of color) skin the natural way in which to save the most amount Melanin is formed. Under the skin from sun burn hurts. Because people of color in white linen Melanin is less risk of burns occur with them more.

Risk to Sunburn

Fair – people with light colored skin or lack of Mailenin easily become a victim of sun burn.


Sun Burn treatments only pain, reduce swelling and discomfort can be beneficial.
1 Sun Burn Press placing something cold on the part of the victim. Cold showers are also helpful.
2 Aloe Vera gel on the affected portion for relaxing or Apply lotion.
3 Some medicine like aspirin can take after the doctor concern.


1 Avoid sun exposure, from 10 am to 4 pm The sun’s rays are very hard. Stay out of the sun for a little while, and ‘safe’ is much better to get out in time.
2 Protective clothing and Gears – Wear clothing that covers most of the bike and hat with wide edges and use Sunglass that prevents UV rays.
3 If you are going from outside in summers then use the sunscreen lotion which have SPF 30 protection and if you are using it again then read the terms on the bottle of lotion.

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Blueberries for the brain and heart

12 04 2013

blueberry-health-benefitWe are talking here about the blueberry, it is good to know that this little fruit homegrown champion ranks among antioxidants. We have nothing to envy exotic fruits from distant countries. Health experts confirmed the supremacy of the humble blueberry pronouncing it ” Healthiest Food of the World” This assertion the nutritional superiority of blueberry is very impressive and it is worth taking it seriously.

Researchers tested more than 100 different foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and spices) to evaluate the antioxidant potential. Blueberries, both wild and cultivated, emerged champions for their ability to neutralize free radicals, as well as delay and in some cases counter the effects of aging.

Here We are explaining you the health benefits of Blueberry.

Mental Function: The blueberry is in top for its ability to improve memory in addition to halt and repair the damage caused by the degeneration of neurons due to aging. It even refers to it as a “factor of rejuvenation” for brain cells.

Skin, joints and vascular system: The pigment that gives blueberries their color improves the integrity of collagen which is essential to support the skin, joints and vascular system. These pigments also amplify the beneficial effects of vitamin C, improve the flexibility of the hair and help prevent damage to the vascular system by free radicals and inflammation.

Circulation: Another benefit of blueberries is to help maintain good circulation and ‘clean’ arteries by reducing the oxidation of LDL cholesterol as well as helping to reduce platelet aggregation and maintain healthy endothelial function..

Protection against cardiovascular risk factors associated with metabolic syndrome: Health experts have done research on those people who are diagnosed with this syndrome (which is characterized by high blood pressure, high cholesterol, elevated triglycerides The insulin resistance, abdominal obesity and increased oxidative stress) received the equivalent of 2.3 cups of blueberries a day for 8 weeks. In a short time the result are: decreased blood pressure, reduce blood lipids, including the level of oxidation of LDL cholesterol, reducing oxidative stress (in blood tests) .

It confirms that the Blueberries have the highest antioxidant capacity of all fruits and vegetables.

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New cold Technique Against Cellulite

11 04 2013

fitness-fat-lossStill confidential, cool sculpting procedure erase small areas of stubborn fat. A method for cold, ideal for perfecting her figure without suffering.

It was nice of dieting and exercising, you do not necessarily lose weight in the right places. If liposuction is the most effective way to get rid of unsightly bulges technique, it is also the most invasive. Hence the interest of cool sculpting

Without Surgery, without anesthesia and without needle

This new technique can destroy small fat deposits recalcitrant by applying the cold. Specifically, the doctor applies to the area to deal with a kind of big absorber connected to a absorb that extra fat on the skin and lowers the surface temperature of about 3 degrees. As fat cells are particularly sensitive to cold, they will gradually destroy over the following weeks. Even if you wait at least six weeks to really judge the result, fat loss starts to be visible after 15 days. It depends on the initial thickness, but is usually between 5 and 15 mm, which represents 25% to 45% less fat. Depending on the depth of the fat mass and the desired one or two sessions reduction may be necessary.

Painless Sessions

Just be seeing a slight stretching sensation, inconvenience related to cold that disappears in a few minutes. The suites are often reduced to redness and numbness of the treated in the following, and in the worst case, a slight hematoma which will subside in a few days hour zone. Nothing that cannot help you return to your normal activities right away.

Attention cool sculpting does not solve all problems. It targets only clusters localized fat and small areas, such as love handles or small bellies. You will not get rid of your saddlebags with it. It can nothing against sagging skin or against stretch marks.

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Who has a Good Excuse for not Exercising ?

10 04 2013

exercise-excusesThere is evidence that playing sports is good for health, especially prevention of heart disease and blood vessel (cardiovascular). But there people for whom such activity would be against-indicated? Review some situations.

Move is very Good for Diabetics-

For diabetics, moderate physical activity three to five times at least thirty minutes a week, can reduce by more than half the risk of cardiovascular events. However, some patients must meet specific guidelines. Food intake and treatment, particularly insulin, should be adapted to the duration and intensity of effort. Hypoglycemia may occur during treatment with insulin during exercise and even twelve or fifteen hours later. It is therefore necessary to adjust the intake of food and insulin dose, and periodically check blood sugar.

There are Heart-Indications Against Sport

Despite the beneficial effects of physical activity, people with heart disease should take precautions against heart there are contraindications to physical activity. Thus, people who have experienced or are experiencing acute heart failure (pulmonary edema, anasarca), unstable angina, severe hypertension or uncontrolled serious arrhythmia will be particularly careful.

And tobacco?

Is smoking and exercising? Heavy smoking is difficult to reconcile with intense physical activity, be it at the level of breath and endurance. In addition, there is no evidence that physical activity protects smokers against cardiovascular disease. By cons, they exert a beneficial effect of smoking abstinence.
But it’s raining, is it reasonable to go running?

For the body, the weather can be harsh: they are not experienced in the same way as the heat wave, in mild weather, or full wind (north wind) Ice.

During hot weather, it is useful to prevent the risk of dehydration by drinking enough and often. Conversely, in very cold and windy weather, an activity that seems to usually moderate can be a major effort. It must be taken into account. In all cases, adequate equipment, choosing the terrain and experience help to reduce the risk of accident and injury.

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Red Meat is not Good for your Heart

9 04 2013

Red_Meat_and_Heart_HealthIn 1 health study, American health experts said that red meat is not good for any human heart. The red meat included ham meat, pork meat and mutton. In other words can say that, Carnitine chemical found in red meat which is not good for heart health.

Bacteria broken this chemical in a small part in human stomach and it makes a chemical reaction which increase the cholesterol level in human body, which can be cause of various disease for human. It is also increase the heart disease risk too.
Health experts said that It is a red signal for those who are having red meat. It is a bad sign for those who are taking red meat from long time. This study is important for those persons who are having red meat for long time. UK government concern that a person can take 70 gm canned meat in a day.

It is believed that the canned meat saturated fat causes heart disease, but it is not the whole truth of the story. One

health experts said that “cholesterol and saturated fat in red meat is the prime factor, here is something else that contributes to increased risk of heart disease.”

One experiment on mice & human shows that the bacteria present in the stomach is eat Carnitine. when its enter in lever in the form of carnitine gas it convert into new chemical called ‘TAMO’ and it is responsible for increasing fat in the blood vessels. It is also responsible for heart disease.

Health Key: study says people who eat less red meat they are more fit than those people who are eating red meat in many time in a week. People should eat red meat 1 to 2 time in a week and even less. To maintain this bacteria in your stomach you can eat yogurt.

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