Women’s Top Ten Diseases

27 04 2013

Top_10_Disease_in_Women1: Breast Cancer – Breast cancer is most commonly found in women in today’s times. Then the 25-year-old girl or woman of 55 years. Furthermore it may not be fully developed breast cells and increase in uncontrolled way.

2: arthritis – the disease in women in the most painful knees. The disease joint pain, irritation, swelling, and it sucks.

3: cervical cancer – malignant growth of cells on the lining of the uterus grows in and after the Menopause seems to be bleeding.

4: Fibroid the tumor or tumors. Fibroid about 30 per cent of women suffer from this complaint. Fibroid a woman may be one and the many. Fibroid to complain of surgery for the treatment is provided. Fibroid usually come out from the uterine wall, which is the risk of infertility.

5: TB – it is contagious. Usually attacks the lungs. But can affect any part of the body.

6: Cardiovascular Disease – heart arteries and heart-related diseases are more frequent in women. It also led to the heart attack occurs.

7: Diabetes – Diabetes is a disease that women are more susceptible. Many women with diabetes and diseases occupy. During diabetes, insulin is stopped, it stops pancreas is functioning smoothly. Also many kinds of insulin in the gland hormones are released.

8: Osteoporosis – The disease that weakens bones and those in extreme pain. It was Menopause quickly, taking alcohol and alcohol balanced and mine – is to take a drink.

9: Pelvic Inflammatory Disease – Women in the lower back by Fallopian tube to the uterus is the tube that carries jealous. In this disease include abdominal pain during menstruation is so much blood flow.

10: Vulvar  Cancer – The cancer is in the outskirts of women Vagina. The burning sensation during urination, itching and bleeding is so.

In addition to the many diseases that are more men than women.

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