Berries and Grapes Health Benefits

25 04 2013


Berries is delicious to eat but it has also some medicinal quality. Berries are also known by many other names –

Rajman, black berries, Jamali, Blackberry etc. Its nature is acidic and betel nut, but the flavor is sweet to eat. Due to

acidic berries are eaten with salt. Glucose and fructose are found in berries. It contains high amounts of minerals. The

seeds carbohydrates, protein and calcium is found in high amounts. Berries are a healthy fruit. Iron berries, vitamins and

fiber is found. Let us know how the berries is beneficial to your health.

Benefits of Berries –

1- Berries strengthens the body’s digestion. Eating berries is reduce the risk of stomach disorder.

2- Berries for the treatment of diabetes is very effective. berries seeds powder are too good for those who are suffering from diabetes, It is maintain the level of diabetes.

3- Anti-cancer properties are found in berries. Berries are also beneficial Chemotherapy and radiation.

4 Berries is beneficial in kidney stone. Berries seeds powder mixed with yogurt this paste beneficial in kidney stone. Use berries is very beneficial for the liver, constipation and stomach disorders.

5- If you have got the blisters in you mouth then berries is very effective for you.

6- Diarrhea or bloody diarrhea is very bad disease, berries is also helpful to treat these. Regular uses of berries with rock salt is beneficial for diarrhea patients

7- If you have acne, berries take grinding the dried kernels. Mixed this powder with cow’s milk and apply at sleeping time it on the face, wash this coat in the morning.

8- If the voice stuck or are having difficulty in speaking, please rinse berries kade kernels. The berries juice is very beneficial for rough voice.

9- Finely grinding the bark of berries from everyday brushing teeth are strong and disease free.

10- For acidity relives, eat berries with black salt.


The grape is a fruit of sweet fragrant. Five species of grapes are there – three green and two are black. Consume grapes, acid, sugar, gum, glucose, astringent matter, citric, and fundamental acid, sodium and potassium and magnesium chloride, etc.

It is typical of the grape that patient, healing, children, old, young, pregnant or lactating mothers, weak or you can wrestler. Grape is beneficial for diabetes and cancer patients. Antioxidant is found in grapes. It Reduces the amount of  sugar in the blood of grapes.

Grape is also useful for the diabetic patient. Are aware of the advantages of grapes –

1. Colds grape eating 50 grams a day is to get rid of colds.
2. Grape eating blood pressure remains normal.
3. Cancers in the first three days, drink some grape juice, then gradually up to a Glass of juice habit. Typhoid fever is
beneficial to eat the raisins. It does not even stomach is clear and feces.
4. Smallpox patient feeding grapes to get comfortable.
5. Half of the patients with head pain begins before sunrise. With the sun rises. In this case, half a cup to drink
grapefruit juice headache is cured before sunrise.
6. Ache in the heart of the grape juice ½ cup prop.

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