Causes of Tuberculosis

24 04 2013

TBTB bacteria enters the body of human beings in many ways. Knowing these reasons will be avoided, so that the disease can be largely overcome. Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease. Tuberculosis of the patient’s body becomes weak, the weight decreases and the patient feels tired. In addition, the patient begins to cough and high fever. The effects of tuberculosis patient’s lungs, bones, glands and intestines can get to anywhere. The bacteria are so subtle that can be identified only through x-rays.

By bacteria

TB is caused by bacteria called Myco-bacterium. It is caused by bacteria in the lungs, etc. When the wound. The germ lungs, skin, joints, spine, neck, bones, entrails, etc. can attack.

Patient contact

That any exposure to tuberculosis patients are coughing, sneezing and spitting into the person’s body are healthy bacteria.

Wrong way of life from

Tuberculosis is more likely that individuals with mine – Catering and homely way is wrong. These bad habits due to foreign matter in the body (contaminated material) are deposited in the body is causing the disease.

Be less resistant

Defense system of the body are much more likely to be due to tuberculosis. Because the body does not have the ability to fight tuberculosis bacteria.

Over the functionality to work

When the person gets TB patient serves more than your power to act.

Wet and dusty environments

Wettest place to stay and live in dusty environments is due to tuberculosis.

Lack of sunlight

Due to the lack of light and sunshine and mine Р Improper diet use may cause tuberculosis.

Parents to children

If TB bacteria or small child’s parents or the wrong way from the way of life of the children.


From malnutrition or excessive weight of TB bacteria can attack quickly on the body.

Alcohol or drugs

Excessive alcohol or drug consumption increases the risk of tuberculosis.

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