Health Benefits of Guava

22 04 2013

Guava_Health_BenefitsGuava is very healthy fruit for constipation and stomach disorders. Inside guava vitamins, minerals and fiber are found in abundance. Guava is also called the king of fruits in winter. The Guava means sweet like nectar. Guava is very useful to eliminate the risk of diabetes and it is also helpful for diabetes patients . Furthermore several properties of the guava. Here we are explaining all off that-

A. Guava in nutrients play an important role in keeping the body fit and healthy.
B. Guava in fiber keeps our metabolism is exactly those people who are suffering constipation, they should eat guava.
C. Vitamin A is beneficial for healthy eyes in guava.

D. Chewing the leaf of Guava, It makes your breath freshness and make gums healthy.

E. Due to Guava healthiness, the weight will be always remain in limit. Guava has Vitamin A, B, C and potassium which brings glow to the skin. Stain the skin – and protect from spots and acne.

F. People who are deficient in vitamin C, should eat guava. Who have a high blood pressure and cholesterol they should also eat guava for health benefit. it can be controlled by the intake of guava.

G. To get rid of cough guava fruit is beneficial.
H. Guava can be eaten with low acidity obesity, asthma, teeth and gums, pain related to heart disease, etc., can be controlled.
I. If you want a disease free body and healthy life then you should eat guava. So in Guava season we should eat guava everyday.

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