Women can Remain Fresh in Those Days

18 04 2013

Teen_GirlsAllen did not go to school today, While the Monthly Test. In the evening, her friends started calling her. Allen don’t wanted to talk anyone that day. she was lying in pain all day. After the evening her friend Christy came then she told her that her periods beginning. Allen has not told her mother of her inhibitions. Christy told her that she was also do this when she got same problem but after the advise of doctor everything is normal now. Light pain is normal but should work well so that blood flow can be well.

This day in every girl’s life comes primevally she does the same. Come teens – it’s bound to be covered, there is nothing to worry or feel embarrassed. Most girls start periods between 10-13 years. There is no right or wrong time. When the body is ready, they starts. The girls have periods usually once a month. Generally three periods – consists of three to five days. If you do not conceive this cycle will run continuously every month until menopause. But if suddenly stoped then you should take doctor advice.

Be Mentally Prepared

During periods is every woman’s mood changes. In this time some time the mood was good or sometime worse. During this period, nausea, lethargy come, loss of appetite, irritability is natural. This happens especially in school going girls. The mother has to prepare them mentally. He must convince his teenage daughter, this is a normal process of woman’s body.

Signs of Prior Periods

Pre Menstrual syndrome or PMS-like symptoms, ten days before the start of the periods you seem to be feeling. These symptoms can be physical or psychological. The stomach cramps, spasms and pain, heaviness in the breasts, breasts like a needle prick, headache are common symptoms. But these symptoms individually differ according to the body.

Some Misconceptions

Some women still believe that in periods should take rest, If you take rest then you don’t have the pain, But this is myth.Work is very important to smooth flow of blood and oxygen to relieve pain and cramping in the abdomen helps. In those days if you are doing work. Girls are often don’t go their college because of pain. If the pain becomes too much, can take
regularly Painkillers after the advice of gynecologist and keep your routine as usual.

Doctor’s Advice is Required

Every girl in those days would have pain and cramping in the lower abdomen, but most girls are definitely some discomfort. Ā Unbearable pain that many adolescents and young women. This problem to some extent after the first pregnancy ends. If the problem persists, take good gynecology expert advice before taking any medicine. Some women complain and upset about their irregular periods, and some complaints of excessive bleeding during. Do not ignore the problem and meat your doctors for check-up.

Keep in Mind Cleaning

During periods it is very important to keep neat and clean otherwise your skin get rashes or infection. Even in those days, the daily bath is necessary. If you have any problems with sanitary napkins – like changing rashes or itchiness the skin, so change the company & Wash your Undergarment well. Napkins also be changed as needed.

Please Check

If the required routine inspection cycle change, Scan to two months and take medical check-ups. For example, the interval between the periods of 28-35 days in case there’s a change in the pattern of his Make sure to check up the details. This investigation – the pelvic ultrasound, Thyroid Test (T 3, T 4, TSH Test).

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