Doing Holidays with your Children – Take Care

18 04 2013

Fun-Holidays-with-your-familyThe holidays are synonymous of relaxation, but it is important to remain vigilant with children. Exposure to the sun, swimming, car trips, outdoor activities, picnics require some precautions. According to experts we are showing you precaution for your holidays.

The Sun Safe for all Ages

Have you thought about sunglasses and sunscreen for the whole family? Attention, they do not eliminate all risks. These protections reduce the dangers of sun exposure, but do not prolong tanning sessions, because they never filter all UV rays. For babies, too fragile, sunbathing are excluded. And until puberty, caution! Eyes and skin of children are more sensitive to UV than adults. Between 12 h and 16 h, a single watchword for the whole family all in the shade! Recall that umbrella does not block the reflection of rays on the ground.

Monitored your Children Bath on Beaches

Seaside, choose the patrolled beaches and let your kids dive only if they wear a green flag. However, even in a secure area, equip the armbands adapted to their ages and most importantly, do not leave your eyes!

Same in private swimming pools, where safety devices do not replace adult attention. A toddler can drown in a few inches of water.

By Car, Train Heat!

Try to travel at the times the cooler and install sunshades on the windows of your vehicle. Make your children drink regularly. The less than three years have a greater body composition in water and become dehydrated very quickly. A toddler cannot express his thirst in crying and screaming.
In Train, do not forget baby bottles and water bottles, because the air accelerates dehydration.
A Picnic Safety

At the time of meals or snacks, beware of insects attracted by the sweets. At picnic in the forest or in the countryside, do not eat on the floor, but on a blanket. During these walks, do not let children walk barefoot to avoid tick bites.

Teach them when they walk, not to touch the fruit without your permission: some can be toxic.

In case of barbecue, check the stability of your equipment and outline perimeter security for children. Embers remain dangerous a time after the end of the cooking! On vacation, sometimes we practice with more intensity sports sometimes unusual, which may increase the risk of accidents.

By following these steps your picnic or outdoor will be safe and successful.

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