Ice Cream is Good for Health ?

16 04 2013

Ice-Cream-for-HealthWho does not loves to eat a good cone with two scoops of ice cream in the summer when the weather is hot and humid? Which food is better than ice cream when you live a heartbreak or intense stress? Yes ice cream is a food very good and refreshing taste, but this dairy product is it considered healthy or if it is fattening?

Ice Cream

This is done mainly cream and milk to which is added flavorings, fruits, eggs, nuts, chocolate, sugar or sweeteners. This food comes from the East, specifically China, was once reserved for rich people, but it was not long before the general public loves its taste, texture and refreshing effect.

Nowadays, the ice cream is present in markets, ice cream shops, the beach, stores, restaurants, etc.. They are available with different flavors so it is almost impossible not to love a like pistachio, maple, vanilla, chocolate, bubble gum, oranges, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries in dough biscuits, with pieces of chocolate or biscuits, mango, banana, nuts, etc..

The Benefits of Ice Cream

Calcium Source

All depending on the ice cream you eat, the amount of calcium differs slightly from ice cream to another. Since the ice cream is made from milk and cream, these dairy products provide a significant amount of calcium. Calcium provides healthy bones and teeth, help regulate blood pressure values to be in the normal, essential to the metabolism, promotes clotting and nerve and muscle function.

Source of Protein

In the same vein, since the ice cream is made of milk, it provides a moderate amount of protein, which are used among other things to reduce appetite by increasing the speed of satiety, retrieve and repair muscles during a physical training, etc..

Easy Digestion

Here, I want to clarify that persons who suffer from lactose intolerance cannot always eat ice cream because it contains lactose which is milk sugar. By cons, in recent years, some of them offer lactose-free ice cream, which reduces the inconvenience that this may cause in people intolerant. But also, in some cases, people cannot eat solid food for any health problem such as diarrhea and vomiting and will then make room for liquid foods that are easy to digest, which is the case for the ice cream.

Source of Fun and Refreshing

It would be very surprising to see a young child refuse ice cream cone or a young woman in heartbreak had not resist big bowl of ice cream and a love story. In short,  this food is considered a food pleasure, because it does not fully meet the basic criteria of health professionals. Finally, when it is hot outside, what better way to eat ice cream in good company.

Disadvantages of Ice Cream

Rich in Calories

An ice cream cone can provide more calories than a meal three services if you make the wrong choice. A large cone dipped in chocolate, with 2 balls, a caramel sauce and treats more than 600 calories, which is huge. The vast majority of calories from sugars it contains.

Rich in sugars

There is a very large amount of sugar in ice cream, which could become as fat reserves if the consumption of this food is common. Half a cup of ice cream brings more than 15 g of sugar, which is not negligible, especially when we want to lose weight.

Rich in Saturated Fat

Ice cream contains 10% more fat. Those that we find in markets with low prices contain less fat, they contain a large amount of air to double the volume. By cons, most expensive ice creams generally contain less air but a larger amount of fat, 20% fat.

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