What is Sunburn ?

13 04 2013

Sunburn-victimSunburn is skin burning which is caused by the U V Rays of sun. Sun burn victim’s skin peeling after a while through the normal healing process which is Descends.


Sun Burn Sun Exposure symptoms may be seen after a few hours but 24 hours after knowledge of the severity of damage can be predicted.

1 Red skin
2 Sun burn victim’s skin feels warm to the touch
3 Mild or greater pain
4 Swelling
5 Blisters – ranging from small water filled blisters
6 Terror fever, nausea and fatigue to


Exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays from the sun would burn. Melanin mechanism through natural body building itself prevents sun damage. Melanin a colorant (pigment), which is responsible for the color of our skin. Tanning of the skin (thickening of color) skin the natural way in which to save the most amount Melanin is formed. Under the skin from sun burn hurts. Because people of color in white linen Melanin is less risk of burns occur with them more.

Risk to Sunburn

Fair – people with light colored skin or lack of Mailenin easily become a victim of sun burn.


Sun Burn treatments only pain, reduce swelling and discomfort can be beneficial.
1 Sun Burn Press placing something cold on the part of the victim. Cold showers are also helpful.
2 Aloe Vera gel on the affected portion for relaxing or Apply lotion.
3 Some medicine like aspirin can take after the doctor concern.


1 Avoid sun exposure, from 10 am to 4 pm The sun’s rays are very hard. Stay out of the sun for a little while, and ‘safe’ is much better to get out in time.
2 Protective clothing and Gears – Wear clothing that covers most of the bike and hat with wide edges and use Sunglass that prevents UV rays.
3 If you are going from outside in summers then use the sunscreen lotion which have SPF 30 protection and if you are using it again then read the terms on the bottle of lotion.

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