New cold Technique Against Cellulite

11 04 2013

fitness-fat-lossStill confidential, cool sculpting procedure erase small areas of stubborn fat. A method for cold, ideal for perfecting her figure without suffering.

It was nice of dieting and exercising, you do not necessarily lose weight in the right places. If liposuction is the most effective way to get rid of unsightly bulges technique, it is also the most invasive. Hence the interest of cool sculpting

Without Surgery, without anesthesia and without needle

This new technique can destroy small fat deposits recalcitrant by applying the cold. Specifically, the doctor applies to the area to deal with a kind of big absorber connected to a absorb that extra fat on the skin and lowers the surface temperature of about 3 degrees. As fat cells are particularly sensitive to cold, they will gradually destroy over the following weeks. Even if you wait at least six weeks to really judge the result, fat loss starts to be visible after 15 days. It depends on the initial thickness, but is usually between 5 and 15 mm, which represents 25% to 45% less fat. Depending on the depth of the fat mass and the desired one or two sessions reduction may be necessary.

Painless Sessions

Just be seeing a slight stretching sensation, inconvenience related to cold that disappears in a few minutes. The suites are often reduced to redness and numbness of the treated in the following, and in the worst case, a slight hematoma which will subside in a few days hour zone. Nothing that cannot help you return to your normal activities right away.

Attention cool sculpting does not solve all problems. It targets only clusters localized fat and small areas, such as love handles or small bellies. You will not get rid of your saddlebags with it. It can nothing against sagging skin or against stretch marks.

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