Who has a Good Excuse for not Exercising ?

10 04 2013

exercise-excusesThere is evidence that playing sports is good for health, especially prevention of heart disease and blood vessel (cardiovascular). But there people for whom such activity would be against-indicated? Review some situations.

Move is very Good for Diabetics-

For diabetics, moderate physical activity three to five times at least thirty minutes a week, can reduce by more than half the risk of cardiovascular events. However, some patients must meet specific guidelines. Food intake and treatment, particularly insulin, should be adapted to the duration and intensity of effort. Hypoglycemia may occur during treatment with insulin during exercise and even twelve or fifteen hours later. It is therefore necessary to adjust the intake of food and insulin dose, and periodically check blood sugar.

There are Heart-Indications Against Sport

Despite the beneficial effects of physical activity, people with heart disease should take precautions against heart there are contraindications to physical activity. Thus, people who have experienced or are experiencing acute heart failure (pulmonary edema, anasarca), unstable angina, severe hypertension or uncontrolled serious arrhythmia will be particularly careful.

And tobacco?

Is smoking and exercising? Heavy smoking is difficult to reconcile with intense physical activity, be it at the level of breath and endurance. In addition, there is no evidence that physical activity protects smokers against cardiovascular disease. By cons, they exert a beneficial effect of smoking abstinence.
But it’s raining, is it reasonable to go running?

For the body, the weather can be harsh: they are not experienced in the same way as the heat wave, in mild weather, or full wind (north wind) Ice.

During hot weather, it is useful to prevent the risk of dehydration by drinking enough and often. Conversely, in very cold and windy weather, an activity that seems to usually moderate can be a major effort. It must be taken into account. In all cases, adequate equipment, choosing the terrain and experience help to reduce the risk of accident and injury.

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