Red Meat is not Good for your Heart

9 04 2013

Red_Meat_and_Heart_HealthIn 1 health study, American health experts said that red meat is not good for any human heart. The red meat included ham meat, pork meat and mutton. In other words can say that, Carnitine chemical found in red meat which is not good for heart health.

Bacteria broken this chemical in a small part in human stomach and it makes a chemical reaction which increase the cholesterol level in human body, which can be cause of various disease for human. It is also increase the heart disease risk too.
Health experts said that It is a red signal for those who are having red meat. It is a bad sign for those who are taking red meat from long time. This study is important for those persons who are having red meat for long time. UK government concern that a person can take 70 gm canned meat in a day.

It is believed that the canned meat saturated fat causes heart disease, but it is not the whole truth of the story. One

health experts said that “cholesterol and saturated fat in red meat is the prime factor, here is something else that contributes to increased risk of heart disease.”

One experiment on mice & human shows that the bacteria present in the stomach is eat Carnitine. when its enter in lever in the form of carnitine gas it convert into new chemical called ‘TAMO’ and it is responsible for increasing fat in the blood vessels. It is also responsible for heart disease.

Health Key: study says people who eat less red meat they are more fit than those people who are eating red meat in many time in a week. People should eat red meat 1 to 2 time in a week and even less. To maintain this bacteria in your stomach you can eat yogurt.

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