The Benefits of Pistachio

8 04 2013

pistachio-nutsPistachios are a healthy snack that helps to improve our cardiovascular health and maintaining vision, pistachios contain a variety of nutrients and benefits not always found in other nuts.

Benefits of Pistachio Health

Pistachios have a very high concentration of nutrients and can be used ideally balanced menu. A portion (30 g or 49 pistachios) provides 160 kilo calories and contains many different vitamins and minerals. Pistachio and cardiovascular health

Studies have linked the consumption of pistachios with a reduction in cholesterol levels. In addition, some studies have shown a decrease in bad cholesterol (LDL), and others have also shown an increase of good cholesterol (HDL).

Pistachios in the Fight Against Stress

Recent scientific studies have shown that pistachios have a beneficial effect on acute stress reactions through the many

antioxidants in pistachios as resveratrol (also located in the right and peanuts), lutein, quercetin or naringenin. These would curb the harmful effects of stress. So, eat some pistachios every day could reduce the effects of stress on blood pressure.

Pistachio and Eye Health

Pistachios contain two unique carotenoids that often do not exist in other nuts. Carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin act as protective antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances that protect tissues against free radical damage in the body. Lutein and zeaxanthin were associated with eye health and reducing the risk for developing macular degeneration associated with age which is the main cause of visual impairment and acquired blindness in the United States.

Good Pistachios for Bowel

Pistachios are one of the most nuts and seeds rich in fiber: 28 grams of pistachios provide 3 grams of dietary fiber, about 12% of daily intake. This is two times more fiber than the same amount of nuts and as much fiber as a serving of oatmeal.
However, the fibers have a very important role in digestion. Thanks to their water absorption power, they stimulate contractions of the intestine and promote bacterial activity in the colon.

Pistachios Against Cardiovascular Diseases

Almost 90% of the fat in pistachios are unsaturated fats that can lower the blood and heart disease cholesterol. They also provide potassium. This mineral helps regulate blood pressure. Finally, pistachios also contain polyphenols which are antioxidants with beneficial effects on the heart.

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