Ideal Weight for Body

4 04 2013

ideal-weight-for-human-body  You people are often embarrassed to be seen due to weight gain or loss. People are confuse about the fact that ideal weight should be, at a certain age or how much weight gain is fine, But what is the ideal weight is determined by the length of the man and If a person have a long height, he has a weighs more and And if a person weighs less then the length will be less.

What is the Ideal Weight

The ideal weight of a person depends on his muscles and fat etc. Your ideal weight based on your age and the length must be a

certain weight. For your ideal weight, BMI, or body mass index is considered international standard.

Accordingly, for a healthy person is being held from 23 to 30 BMI. under weight BMI less than 23 and more than 30 were classified as overweight. Having your entire body weight, this has an adverse effect on the functioning. Memory is low. Body’s

immunity wanes. In case of overweight, obesity, heart disease, increased cholesterol, high blood pressure, joint pain starts.

Ideal Weight Attached to the Main Points

1- To find the ideal weight, body mass index (BMI) to determine how effective such a formula weight, it is very difficult to say but it’s not right to say this that extra fat is harmful for body health

2- Excess of extra fat in body gives negative impact on body health and the other side the lack of fat can be hormones off.

3-Every individual tasks, activities and mode of life are different from each other, such as body fat ratio will be also differs from others.

4- The person’s ideal weight depends on his muscles and his obesity etc.

5- Under ideal weight for your age, gender and length should be based on your specific weight.

6- Regularly go to the gym or the weight of the wrestlers will be more because the wrestlers and those people who have go to

gym regularly their body muscles have found more fat and their BMI level will be high.

7- Women and men differ in the ideal weight – is different. If a woman is 5 feet in length, weigh 45-46 kg should be around. If the length of a man is 5 feet, weigh more than 48 kg should be.

This person’s ideal weight, gender, size, structure and functioning of the body depends on. Ideal weight is very important to take medical advice.

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