Health Maturity in Women

3 04 2013

Women-MaturityA woman cannot practice in the same way as a man simply for the reason that the physiological differences from each other. For recovery is slower, there is less muscle and lactic acid in the muscles go more easily than men. But so what: the running hobby brings at least as much positive things in a woman than a man’s life.


Menstrual and leak rate is found to be less physically more active women. Type of resistance training in fact improve your metabolism, reduce swelling, and takes the blood to circulate. The Olympic rhythmic again helps to focus on relaxation, which mitigates the lower abdomen and back tension. In addition, the fresh outdoor air to elevate mood.


If you are familiar with the running type, you should continue in high spirits even though the pregnancy until the end. Regular sports enthusiasts in women with gestational weight gain is a little lighter and a basic fitness level better than other mothers. Leave a harsh, however, exercise programs and shorten training sessions around 60-70 percent in the former. Heart rates may not rise above 150 beats per minute, and hot air, or in poorly ventilated areas in port should be avoided. Be sure to engage in particular midriff muscles, changes due to increased abdominal pull forward. Be careful of strains and sprains, as the pregnancy hormones and synovial joints and ties, as well as soften the muscles. If running is starting to feel too heavy or uncomfortable, loosen the pace or try other forms of exercise.


Childbirth is a woman’s big effort and usually requires several months of recovery. You can start your workout cautiously as soon as you feel ready. Please note that the joints and fitness tips are still loose and strain on your back easily, so it is suitable for physical activity at the beginning of even a brisk walk with the stroller. Even the heavy exercise does not reduce milk production or interfere with breastfeeding, as long as protect your breasts from the cold.

Congestion Years

During rush hour maternal physical activity is particularly important, because the mother of their children is an important role model for the movement: it is how he sees his body and the sport is reflected in the strong children. In those years running the worst enemy is lack of time. If you are ready to anticipate, plan, prioritize and delegate, a few weekly running loop, everyday life is possible. One way to get more time for the movement is to make it a common thing for the whole family. Would you leave your family with, say, the sports field, skate or to enjoy sports days at the Institute? A woman running a hobby also requires a partner to support. Remember that you need help with your running is as important as your husband floor ball turn. When you both get sports activities at least once a week, you keep going better at home. Also please take a walk together, if possible.


In women, muscle declines with age faster than men. The process can, however, slow down the regular practicing. Menopause may start an active exerciser a few years earlier than the other, but on the other menopause symptoms and are associated with weight gain, not just inconvenience users. When you hold your own body care, are likely to feel about the signs of aging, accepting a long time and feel young.

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