What Men Think About The Female Boss

28 03 2013

Female-BossFor centuries women have been criticized and they less understood than the men. But in the last several centuries has supported women’s boss. You get promotion and you have work under female boss. When people gave you congratulation on your promotion then you are much worried about that you have to work under the female boss. Female boss lecherous men who like a great event that the secretary has a hot or too is a victim of the joke. Let’s try to find out how the old thinking was that as a new form of a female boss intimidating all men.

One marketing manager in Gurgaon Inda says that I have workes with both Boss, Male & Female. but when you are working with the female boss you have to be more careful because you do not know what she is thinking. According to him, if her work is noth done by according to her, than you will fill himself as a victim, who stand in a victim box.

Why Female Boss is so Rude

1. Women are more emotional than men and therefore make them work and takes us in real life. It is difficult to explain to them that it is not personal business.
2. She does not talk women out of the boardroom, he likes to eat together, but have you seen a man eat in with a competitor.
3. Men are more Kamptitiv not think so for a long time and they do not believe their old rivals, whether they are in the same team.
4. So it’s gender disagreement. But it has been seen that women than men are able to do many things at the same time and they are easily able to resolve any problem.

Men’s opinions on the behavior of female Boss

Some men believe that women workers than men are hard. Some men disagree with the fact that women are setting a standard that is not possible for men. But he believes that-

1.A man can be happy with the fact that he worked at the time but a woman too much or you will expect courtesy.
2.Pblishing House Rijh Mishra Marketing Manager, 32, recalls a funny incident. The female boss maid during a presentation that keeps things on the phone, try to provide their child how quiet, how Sulaa, how to eat. We all thought that it was enough. He did not pay any attention to presentation and we had been at the very bottom of your production. It also finds that 75 percent of our mistakes were.
3. Women can do multitask ?
4. What habits can scare men. Sinha said the second round of the men’s lives than women have won. She is a wife and mother at home. When arriving at work to make things happen in their minds that their child has eaten or not. The maid of preparing dinner or night.
5. If there is less space to work at home in two days they will have to work Presentation.
6. Every other aspect of your life that emphasizes the role and the role is to gather strength.
7. Whether it be Indian woman living in the 21st century have to work more than the men.
8. If a woman does not have any Tascommastr afraid of being thrown out of work all the time.

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