Brushing Teeth After the Food is Harmful

26 03 2013

tooth-problemsPeople usually brush teeth twice a day are better for cleaning. It is a good habit, but if your are doing frequent brush it may hurt your teath. Recent research has found that eating or drinking anything after brushing teeth can damage rather than benefit.

According to the researchers, sour or acidic things sour belching after eating and after coming to brush our teeth can be harmful. President of the Academy of Dentistry Dr. Howard R. Gamble, said: “From time to brush our teeth thin upper layer of the leaves and it increases the risk of being attacked by acid. Every time after eating brush this layer deteriorates and becomes acidic attacks on the teeth of the elements.

under a research of researchers, the soda after drinking to brush effects of three weeks of inspection and found that soda drinking 20 minutes later the damaged brushing teeth to a danger of is increased. 30 to 60 minutes after drinking the soda to brush showed a significant reduction in the risk of this type.

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