2 Cup of Milk is sufficiant for a child – Not More Not Less

25 03 2013

2-cup-of-milk-is-enough-for-child                                                                                          Cow’s milk is considered to be nutritionally complete. This is due to the nutrients it contains. However, the dilemma is the fact that all children should drink much milk for development. Now, scientists have tried to answer this question. Adding that two cups a day of vitamin D in children cow’s milk and is sufficient to meet the needs of iron.

Child Specialist Dr. Jonathan Maguire of st. Michael hospital Said that most of Doctors and parent are in dilemma, that how much volume of milk should be given to the children for their body and mind growth. So they decide to solve this problem. In this research Dr. Jonathan was in lead.

His team found that cow’s milk in the body to absorb iron and vitamin intake affects the process. Iron and vitamin D in cow’s milk are two of the major nutrients. The research is focused on 1300 children who are 2 to 5 year of age. Researchers found that how and how much milk Absorbed these both Nutrients volume.

They found that children who drink more milk than the amount of vitamin D found in the body, but had low levels of iron.

After the results of the conclusion arrived at young ones two Cup of a cow’s milk for Vitamin D and iron in the body right quantity. If children are drinking more than 2 cup then they were not getting much Vitamin D and Iron…

This research also showed that vitamin D does not receive more than white children because those areas is chilly.

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