Build Your Body with these Tips

23 03 2013

Lots of People goto the Gym but still they don’t get the good result in their body shape. Same case happen with my friend,

Muscular-bodyHe was too exercise hard in a gym and with the instruction of the gym trainer but still he was not getting the satisfy

So here are my 5 tips for creating a program that will help you build a lean muscular ripped body in no time flat.

TIP 1. Training intensity – if you take more than an hour at the gym then your not training hard enough. Make sure that your

time at the gym not only become a social event. Set your routine for the day and push it out for a max of 45 minutes longer

and your not serious about your goals. This intensity pace will keep your blood flowing and your heart pumping which will

help burn fat. If your friends put on some headphones and stick to your routine and do not stop to talk until you’re finished

with your routine.

TIP 2. Use proper technique / form – Make sure every technique you good form there is no point in doing 15 repetitions of

something if you are only 8 of them can do well. They do good every time and you will see much better results faster.

TIP 3. Turning your Training – for best results that my routine consists of rotating days between weights and cardio. Mon,

Wed and Fri I feed on weights, On Tue, Thur and Sat I do cardio and I take Sunday off and either just relax or go for a bike

ride or walk the dog. If your short on time for your cardio days I have a 4 minute program that will kick your butt and shred

the excess fat from the expose you to fun new lean muscle.

TIP 4. Not train On the train – for best results that your body needs time to recover between workouts so never the same

muscle group on consecutive days. You must give your muscles time to recover and grow otherwise you will damage the train and

they set you back for weeks or even months while they heal. I also suggest a week of every 8 to 12 weeks to give your body a


When you come back you will feel much better and quicker response. During this period, just do some basic home exercises,

push-ups, sit-ups, star jumps but make it a very light training.

TIP 5. You are what you eat – Cut out the fast food, soda, and chocolate. If you are serious and want great results you need

to look at what you put in your body. Focus on eating lean meats such as skinless chicken, fish, and you can even go to your

butcher and get lean steak if you can not live without steak.

Try to eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can as this will give you tons of energy to get you through your workouts.

These foods will give you the protein you need to help your body to repair and build muscle and lean your after.

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