Sleeping is Good for Your Health

21 03 2013

Sleeping_DisorderWe should take a large amount of sleeping. I know that this is not possible for everyone but we should take sleep at least 6 hour in a day because sleeping disorder may cause lots of disease for our body. According to the British Researcher the large amount of sleeping is good for our health. Lack of sleep can affect the human body’s inner workings could dramatically. Some people take less than 6 hour of sleep in a day. Their jeans changes in a big amount and that changes were not good for their health.

Lack of sleeping is affect your body to much. Some researchers says that diabetes, heart attack, fat, undeveloped brain is also related from sleeping disorder. Sleeping disorder affect you in these ways.

1 It may cause of depression, tension or slow body response to injury.

2 It may cause you high blood pressure, diabetes etc.

3 Sleeping disorder make you overage because some people who take less then a 5 hour a sleep in a day they can look with puffy eye and sallow skin.

4 Want to keep your memory sharp just take good amount of sleep it may give you the best memory power.

5 Lake of Sleeping can make you overweight which give you lots of disease like heart attack, blood pressure problems, tizzy.

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