Health Tips to keep you Fit

14 03 2013

FitnessEvery person want to get fit but there are very few people who is seriously care about theior fitness. Mainly lots of people search interet, go to the fitness centers and some have their own fitness rules & regulation. We will advice you that you should have not over meal, go daily for morning walk & light execises. There are lots of yogis & fitness trainer to keep you fit but you should aware about your health because in world many people are just making money from these occupation they are not serious to provide the best fitness services.

You should do the execise daily to get fit and healthy, you should take yoga classes, you can book fitness trainers to you and if you dont have the budget & time to spent on these activities you can follow some simple execise which you can do also at your home and it is very important that your mind should be free when you are doing execise, the tense mind make tense muscles and you can not get benefit from the execise also you will not focus on your execise. Oh I forgot, Now I mention you the execise steps for your daily routine.

Swiming: Swiming is the perfect execise mainly for human body muscles, It make muscles & body fit and in shape Its also keep you fresh for you whole day. When you do swim your body bounced by the water its make your joints exertion which is good for you joints. Doctors says that swiming is good for arthritis because this is not the hard. It can make your mood good, You can join the water dances classes to keep your body in Tone

Walking: Walking makes you fit it is anotther simple exercise which you can do in park road even at your roof. It help you to keep healthy and its reduce your heart colestrol level. Colestrol on heart is cause for many disease like boold pressure, heart attach, anxiety etc. Its help you to reduse the risk of diabetes. Walking help you out of so many disease and stay younger.

Stair Climbings: Its the best execise for those people who want to reduce their fat and chubbyness. Some people think that this is not effectable but this is wrong. If you are doing this exercise daily then you can get better results. There is so big difference in stairs climbing and stairs stepping because when you are climbing a stair it is more hard from the stairs stepping machine. Stair climbing lift all weight of your body which give better result. In my opinion you should select the stairs climbing intead of stairs steping.

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