Health Advantages of Pomegranate

30 03 2013

pomegranate-MyDoc-IndiaPeoples drink fruit juice for their better health If you are having pomegranate daily or drinking juice of it then it is very healthy for you. Pomegranate decrease the fat around the stomach. Pomegranate juice has many health benefits. Mainly in pomegranate vitamins A, C, E, folic acid and antioxidants are found. Let us learn about the health benefits of pomegranate.

1. Pomegranate juice daily operations of the blood in the body is well.

2. Breast cancer and lung cancer from eating pomegranates are less likely.

3. Consumption of pomegranate heart attack and stroke risk may be reduced.

4. Pomegranate is a shortage of iron in the blood and relieves diseases like anemia.

5. Pomegranate intake decreases the likelihood of prostate cancer.

6. In the summer the mine – the pomegranate diet should also include in their diet. This prop is in digestive problems, as well as its regular consumption arteries’re fine.

7. Consumption of pomegranate skin comes upon you for the healthy skin of pomegranate juice can be consumed.
8. Eating pomegranate correcting dental problems can be found.

9. Those pregnant women who consumed pomegranate juice that, the baby is healthy and sound.

10. Pomegranate Eljaimr the logo above to get rid of the disease.

Eating pomegranates or drinking pomegranate juice in this way has several advantages. For the more energetic live a long life of pomegranate juice intake should regularly.

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What Men Think About The Female Boss

28 03 2013

Female-BossFor centuries women have been criticized and they less understood than the men. But in the last several centuries has supported women’s boss. You get promotion and you have work under female boss. When people gave you congratulation on your promotion then you are much worried about that you have to work under the female boss. Female boss lecherous men who like a great event that the secretary has a hot or too is a victim of the joke. Let’s try to find out how the old thinking was that as a new form of a female boss intimidating all men.

One marketing manager in Gurgaon Inda says that I have workes with both Boss, Male & Female. but when you are working with the female boss you have to be more careful because you do not know what she is thinking. According to him, if her work is noth done by according to her, than you will fill himself as a victim, who stand in a victim box.

Why Female Boss is so Rude

1. Women are more emotional than men and therefore make them work and takes us in real life. It is difficult to explain to them that it is not personal business.
2. She does not talk women out of the boardroom, he likes to eat together, but have you seen a man eat in with a competitor.
3. Men are more Kamptitiv not think so for a long time and they do not believe their old rivals, whether they are in the same team.
4. So it’s gender disagreement. But it has been seen that women than men are able to do many things at the same time and they are easily able to resolve any problem.

Men’s opinions on the behavior of female Boss

Some men believe that women workers than men are hard. Some men disagree with the fact that women are setting a standard that is not possible for men. But he believes that-

1.A man can be happy with the fact that he worked at the time but a woman too much or you will expect courtesy.
2.Pblishing House Rijh Mishra Marketing Manager, 32, recalls a funny incident. The female boss maid during a presentation that keeps things on the phone, try to provide their child how quiet, how Sulaa, how to eat. We all thought that it was enough. He did not pay any attention to presentation and we had been at the very bottom of your production. It also finds that 75 percent of our mistakes were.
3. Women can do multitask ?
4. What habits can scare men. Sinha said the second round of the men’s lives than women have won. She is a wife and mother at home. When arriving at work to make things happen in their minds that their child has eaten or not. The maid of preparing dinner or night.
5. If there is less space to work at home in two days they will have to work Presentation.
6. Every other aspect of your life that emphasizes the role and the role is to gather strength.
7. Whether it be Indian woman living in the 21st century have to work more than the men.
8. If a woman does not have any Tascommastr afraid of being thrown out of work all the time.

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Brushing Teeth After the Food is Harmful

26 03 2013

tooth-problemsPeople usually brush teeth twice a day are better for cleaning. It is a good habit, but if your are doing frequent brush it may hurt your teath. Recent research has found that eating or drinking anything after brushing teeth can damage rather than benefit.

According to the researchers, sour or acidic things sour belching after eating and after coming to brush our teeth can be harmful. President of the Academy of Dentistry Dr. Howard R. Gamble, said: “From time to brush our teeth thin upper layer of the leaves and it increases the risk of being attacked by acid. Every time after eating brush this layer deteriorates and becomes acidic attacks on the teeth of the elements.

under a research of researchers, the soda after drinking to brush effects of three weeks of inspection and found that soda drinking 20 minutes later the damaged brushing teeth to a danger of is increased. 30 to 60 minutes after drinking the soda to brush showed a significant reduction in the risk of this type.

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2 Cup of Milk is sufficiant for a child – Not More Not Less

25 03 2013

2-cup-of-milk-is-enough-for-child                                                                                          Cow’s milk is considered to be nutritionally complete. This is due to the nutrients it contains. However, the dilemma is the fact that all children should drink much milk for development. Now, scientists have tried to answer this question. Adding that two cups a day of vitamin D in children cow’s milk and is sufficient to meet the needs of iron.

Child Specialist Dr. Jonathan Maguire of st. Michael hospital Said that most of Doctors and parent are in dilemma, that how much volume of milk should be given to the children for their body and mind growth. So they decide to solve this problem. In this research Dr. Jonathan was in lead.

His team found that cow’s milk in the body to absorb iron and vitamin intake affects the process. Iron and vitamin D in cow’s milk are two of the major nutrients. The research is focused on 1300 children who are 2 to 5 year of age. Researchers found that how and how much milk Absorbed these both Nutrients volume.

They found that children who drink more milk than the amount of vitamin D found in the body, but had low levels of iron.

After the results of the conclusion arrived at young ones two Cup of a cow’s milk for Vitamin D and iron in the body right quantity. If children are drinking more than 2 cup then they were not getting much Vitamin D and Iron…

This research also showed that vitamin D does not receive more than white children because those areas is chilly.

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Build Your Body with these Tips

23 03 2013

Lots of People goto the Gym but still they don’t get the good result in their body shape. Same case happen with my friend,

Muscular-bodyHe was too exercise hard in a gym and with the instruction of the gym trainer but still he was not getting the satisfy

So here are my 5 tips for creating a program that will help you build a lean muscular ripped body in no time flat.

TIP 1. Training intensity – if you take more than an hour at the gym then your not training hard enough. Make sure that your

time at the gym not only become a social event. Set your routine for the day and push it out for a max of 45 minutes longer

and your not serious about your goals. This intensity pace will keep your blood flowing and your heart pumping which will

help burn fat. If your friends put on some headphones and stick to your routine and do not stop to talk until you’re finished

with your routine.

TIP 2. Use proper technique / form – Make sure every technique you good form there is no point in doing 15 repetitions of

something if you are only 8 of them can do well. They do good every time and you will see much better results faster.

TIP 3. Turning your Training – for best results that my routine consists of rotating days between weights and cardio. Mon,

Wed and Fri I feed on weights, On Tue, Thur and Sat I do cardio and I take Sunday off and either just relax or go for a bike

ride or walk the dog. If your short on time for your cardio days I have a 4 minute program that will kick your butt and shred

the excess fat from the expose you to fun new lean muscle.

TIP 4. Not train On the train – for best results that your body needs time to recover between workouts so never the same

muscle group on consecutive days. You must give your muscles time to recover and grow otherwise you will damage the train and

they set you back for weeks or even months while they heal. I also suggest a week of every 8 to 12 weeks to give your body a


When you come back you will feel much better and quicker response. During this period, just do some basic home exercises,

push-ups, sit-ups, star jumps but make it a very light training.

TIP 5. You are what you eat – Cut out the fast food, soda, and chocolate. If you are serious and want great results you need

to look at what you put in your body. Focus on eating lean meats such as skinless chicken, fish, and you can even go to your

butcher and get lean steak if you can not live without steak.

Try to eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can as this will give you tons of energy to get you through your workouts.

These foods will give you the protein you need to help your body to repair and build muscle and lean your after.

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Top 5 Food for a Flat Stomach

22 03 2013

Flat-TummyA flat stomach you do not get it. You can do a lot of training, but you better watch what you eat. Where exactly should you

look for and what are the good things you can eat if you’re training for a flat stomach? So next home belly wedge deckhouse

organized in do you also pay close attention to what you eat.
For this we like 5 Food for you at a glance:

1) Vegetables, there are many different vegetables you can eat and not worry for abdominal distention. You can think of

vegetables such as asparagus, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli. These are namely full of Vitamin A, C and K.

2) Loaf of white bread and rice you better leave. Take instead whole meal bread. If you have lots traind you the best pasta

meal. These are all healthy carbohydrates you need for a good workout and finally getting a flat stomach.

3) Unsaturated fats. Gram is a good example. This may help us to deal with excess abdominal fat.

4) Yogurt. However, natural yogurt. Yogurt is full of probiotic bacteria namely that help you improve digestion. This of

course is conducive for your flat stomach.

5) Nuts. Nuts are very healthy and provide plenty of protein. Think of hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds.

So if you pay close attention to what you eat, you are consciously lose weight or achieve a flat stomach. It’s not that you

should eat only these things, but you should see it as a kind of substitute for all that delicacy what you normally eat.

Every little bit helps.

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Sleeping is Good for Your Health

21 03 2013

Sleeping_DisorderWe should take a large amount of sleeping. I know that this is not possible for everyone but we should take sleep at least 6 hour in a day because sleeping disorder may cause lots of disease for our body. According to the British Researcher the large amount of sleeping is good for our health. Lack of sleep can affect the human body’s inner workings could dramatically. Some people take less than 6 hour of sleep in a day. Their jeans changes in a big amount and that changes were not good for their health.

Lack of sleeping is affect your body to much. Some researchers says that diabetes, heart attack, fat, undeveloped brain is also related from sleeping disorder. Sleeping disorder affect you in these ways.

1 It may cause of depression, tension or slow body response to injury.

2 It may cause you high blood pressure, diabetes etc.

3 Sleeping disorder make you overage because some people who take less then a 5 hour a sleep in a day they can look with puffy eye and sallow skin.

4 Want to keep your memory sharp just take good amount of sleep it may give you the best memory power.

5 Lake of Sleeping can make you overweight which give you lots of disease like heart attack, blood pressure problems, tizzy.

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