Women’s Top Ten Diseases

27 04 2013

Top_10_Disease_in_Women1: Breast Cancer – Breast cancer is most commonly found in women in today’s times. Then the 25-year-old girl or woman of 55 years. Furthermore it may not be fully developed breast cells and increase in uncontrolled way.

2: arthritis – the disease in women in the most painful knees. The disease joint pain, irritation, swelling, and it sucks.

3: cervical cancer – malignant growth of cells on the lining of the uterus grows in and after the Menopause seems to be bleeding.

4: Fibroid the tumor or tumors. Fibroid about 30 per cent of women suffer from this complaint. Fibroid a woman may be one and the many. Fibroid to complain of surgery for the treatment is provided. Fibroid usually come out from the uterine wall, which is the risk of infertility.

5: TB – it is contagious. Usually attacks the lungs. But can affect any part of the body.

6: Cardiovascular Disease – heart arteries and heart-related diseases are more frequent in women. It also led to the heart attack occurs.

7: Diabetes – Diabetes is a disease that women are more susceptible. Many women with diabetes and diseases occupy. During diabetes, insulin is stopped, it stops pancreas is functioning smoothly. Also many kinds of insulin in the gland hormones are released.

8: Osteoporosis – The disease that weakens bones and those in extreme pain. It was Menopause quickly, taking alcohol and alcohol balanced and mine – is to take a drink.

9: Pelvic Inflammatory Disease – Women in the lower back by Fallopian tube to the uterus is the tube that carries jealous. In this disease include abdominal pain during menstruation is so much blood flow.

10: Vulvar  Cancer – The cancer is in the outskirts of women Vagina. The burning sensation during urination, itching and bleeding is so.

In addition to the many diseases that are more men than women.

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Berries and Grapes Health Benefits

25 04 2013


Berries is delicious to eat but it has also some medicinal quality. Berries are also known by many other names –

Rajman, black berries, Jamali, Blackberry etc. Its nature is acidic and betel nut, but the flavor is sweet to eat. Due to

acidic berries are eaten with salt. Glucose and fructose are found in berries. It contains high amounts of minerals. The

seeds carbohydrates, protein and calcium is found in high amounts. Berries are a healthy fruit. Iron berries, vitamins and

fiber is found. Let us know how the berries is beneficial to your health.

Benefits of Berries –

1- Berries strengthens the body’s digestion. Eating berries is reduce the risk of stomach disorder.

2- Berries for the treatment of diabetes is very effective. berries seeds powder are too good for those who are suffering from diabetes, It is maintain the level of diabetes.

3- Anti-cancer properties are found in berries. Berries are also beneficial Chemotherapy and radiation.

4 Berries is beneficial in kidney stone. Berries seeds powder mixed with yogurt this paste beneficial in kidney stone. Use berries is very beneficial for the liver, constipation and stomach disorders.

5- If you have got the blisters in you mouth then berries is very effective for you.

6- Diarrhea or bloody diarrhea is very bad disease, berries is also helpful to treat these. Regular uses of berries with rock salt is beneficial for diarrhea patients

7- If you have acne, berries take grinding the dried kernels. Mixed this powder with cow’s milk and apply at sleeping time it on the face, wash this coat in the morning.

8- If the voice stuck or are having difficulty in speaking, please rinse berries kade kernels. The berries juice is very beneficial for rough voice.

9- Finely grinding the bark of berries from everyday brushing teeth are strong and disease free.

10- For acidity relives, eat berries with black salt.


The grape is a fruit of sweet fragrant. Five species of grapes are there – three green and two are black. Consume grapes, acid, sugar, gum, glucose, astringent matter, citric, and fundamental acid, sodium and potassium and magnesium chloride, etc.

It is typical of the grape that patient, healing, children, old, young, pregnant or lactating mothers, weak or you can wrestler. Grape is beneficial for diabetes and cancer patients. Antioxidant is found in grapes. It Reduces the amount of  sugar in the blood of grapes.

Grape is also useful for the diabetic patient. Are aware of the advantages of grapes –

1. Colds grape eating 50 grams a day is to get rid of colds.
2. Grape eating blood pressure remains normal.
3. Cancers in the first three days, drink some grape juice, then gradually up to a Glass of juice habit. Typhoid fever is
beneficial to eat the raisins. It does not even stomach is clear and feces.
4. Smallpox patient feeding grapes to get comfortable.
5. Half of the patients with head pain begins before sunrise. With the sun rises. In this case, half a cup to drink
grapefruit juice headache is cured before sunrise.
6. Ache in the heart of the grape juice ½ cup prop.

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Causes of Tuberculosis

24 04 2013

TBTB bacteria enters the body of human beings in many ways. Knowing these reasons will be avoided, so that the disease can be largely overcome. Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease. Tuberculosis of the patient’s body becomes weak, the weight decreases and the patient feels tired. In addition, the patient begins to cough and high fever. The effects of tuberculosis patient’s lungs, bones, glands and intestines can get to anywhere. The bacteria are so subtle that can be identified only through x-rays.

By bacteria

TB is caused by bacteria called Myco-bacterium. It is caused by bacteria in the lungs, etc. When the wound. The germ lungs, skin, joints, spine, neck, bones, entrails, etc. can attack.

Patient contact

That any exposure to tuberculosis patients are coughing, sneezing and spitting into the person’s body are healthy bacteria.

Wrong way of life from

Tuberculosis is more likely that individuals with mine – Catering and homely way is wrong. These bad habits due to foreign matter in the body (contaminated material) are deposited in the body is causing the disease.

Be less resistant

Defense system of the body are much more likely to be due to tuberculosis. Because the body does not have the ability to fight tuberculosis bacteria.

Over the functionality to work

When the person gets TB patient serves more than your power to act.

Wet and dusty environments

Wettest place to stay and live in dusty environments is due to tuberculosis.

Lack of sunlight

Due to the lack of light and sunshine and mine –  Improper diet use may cause tuberculosis.

Parents to children

If TB bacteria or small child’s parents or the wrong way from the way of life of the children.


From malnutrition or excessive weight of TB bacteria can attack quickly on the body.

Alcohol or drugs

Excessive alcohol or drug consumption increases the risk of tuberculosis.

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The Benefits of Pineapple

23 04 2013

pineapple_health_benefitsPineapple is a fruit that has many virtues benefactors to the body. Indeed, the stem of the pineapple contains bromelain has a lot of action to facilitate drainage and digestion. In addition, the pineapple has anti-inflammatory effect facilitates blood circulation.

Pineapple stem allows women who want to eliminate cellulite, and thus to refine the reducing cellulite thanks to the benefits of pineapple. The pineapple stem will drain the bad fats to eliminate orange peel which is usually present on the thighs, hips and behind the knees. Many women face this problem, they are overweight or not, and despite the promises of some creams containing pineapple or not, the results are not all the time appointment. This dietary supplement containing pineapple, combined with a healthy and varied food, will greatly reduce cellulite to find a smooth, firm skin thanks to the virtues of the pineapple. To do this, you will need to take two tablets three times rod pineapple a day between meals.

The latter consists of 11 fruits and 11 vegetables, such as grapes, carrot, pineapple or broccoli, which act as antioxidants. Therefore, these capsules containing pineapple will help slow the aging of the skin and enhance your physical performance thanks to the virtues of the pineapple. In addition, when the winter comes it is often common to catch a cold but thanks to the multitude of fruits, including pineapple and vegetables present in this food supplement you can boost your body to support it properly from daily aggressions. In addition, every day we are experiencing stress from pollution and tobacco on our skin. Vitamins A, E and C provided by the pineapple you will be in shape all winter.

If you follow a diet you probably know the high protein bars with pineapple. They allow the body to make all the proteins necessary for its proper functioning that it can increase our muscle while burning fat. pineapple have many nutritional qualities and help you make a tasty snack while enjoying the healthy food for your health but also useful pineapple flavor to overcome your weight unnecessary. Moreover, these bars with pineapple also comprise other ingredients such as pineapple juice, rice syrup, which is well known for removing grease. With these bars cranberry, pomegranates and pineapple it will be possible to pay attention to the line at any time of day. For this purpose, it is enough to drag one in your bag to be sure to have one on hand when hunger arises. You can then enjoy the taste of pineapple while feeling the appetite suppressant benefits of pineapple.

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Health Benefits of Guava

22 04 2013

Guava_Health_BenefitsGuava is very healthy fruit for constipation and stomach disorders. Inside guava vitamins, minerals and fiber are found in abundance. Guava is also called the king of fruits in winter. The Guava means sweet like nectar. Guava is very useful to eliminate the risk of diabetes and it is also helpful for diabetes patients . Furthermore several properties of the guava. Here we are explaining all off that-

A. Guava in nutrients play an important role in keeping the body fit and healthy.
B. Guava in fiber keeps our metabolism is exactly those people who are suffering constipation, they should eat guava.
C. Vitamin A is beneficial for healthy eyes in guava.

D. Chewing the leaf of Guava, It makes your breath freshness and make gums healthy.

E. Due to Guava healthiness, the weight will be always remain in limit. Guava has Vitamin A, B, C and potassium which brings glow to the skin. Stain the skin – and protect from spots and acne.

F. People who are deficient in vitamin C, should eat guava. Who have a high blood pressure and cholesterol they should also eat guava for health benefit. it can be controlled by the intake of guava.

G. To get rid of cough guava fruit is beneficial.
H. Guava can be eaten with low acidity obesity, asthma, teeth and gums, pain related to heart disease, etc., can be controlled.
I. If you want a disease free body and healthy life then you should eat guava. So in Guava season we should eat guava everyday.

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Women can Remain Fresh in Those Days

18 04 2013

Teen_GirlsAllen did not go to school today, While the Monthly Test. In the evening, her friends started calling her. Allen don’t wanted to talk anyone that day. she was lying in pain all day. After the evening her friend Christy came then she told her that her periods beginning. Allen has not told her mother of her inhibitions. Christy told her that she was also do this when she got same problem but after the advise of doctor everything is normal now. Light pain is normal but should work well so that blood flow can be well.

This day in every girl’s life comes primevally she does the same. Come teens – it’s bound to be covered, there is nothing to worry or feel embarrassed. Most girls start periods between 10-13 years. There is no right or wrong time. When the body is ready, they starts. The girls have periods usually once a month. Generally three periods – consists of three to five days. If you do not conceive this cycle will run continuously every month until menopause. But if suddenly stoped then you should take doctor advice.

Be Mentally Prepared

During periods is every woman’s mood changes. In this time some time the mood was good or sometime worse. During this period, nausea, lethargy come, loss of appetite, irritability is natural. This happens especially in school going girls. The mother has to prepare them mentally. He must convince his teenage daughter, this is a normal process of woman’s body.

Signs of Prior Periods

Pre Menstrual syndrome or PMS-like symptoms, ten days before the start of the periods you seem to be feeling. These symptoms can be physical or psychological. The stomach cramps, spasms and pain, heaviness in the breasts, breasts like a needle prick, headache are common symptoms. But these symptoms individually differ according to the body.

Some Misconceptions

Some women still believe that in periods should take rest, If you take rest then you don’t have the pain, But this is myth.Work is very important to smooth flow of blood and oxygen to relieve pain and cramping in the abdomen helps. In those days if you are doing work. Girls are often don’t go their college because of pain. If the pain becomes too much, can take
regularly Painkillers after the advice of gynecologist and keep your routine as usual.

Doctor’s Advice is Required

Every girl in those days would have pain and cramping in the lower abdomen, but most girls are definitely some discomfort.  Unbearable pain that many adolescents and young women. This problem to some extent after the first pregnancy ends. If the problem persists, take good gynecology expert advice before taking any medicine. Some women complain and upset about their irregular periods, and some complaints of excessive bleeding during. Do not ignore the problem and meat your doctors for check-up.

Keep in Mind Cleaning

During periods it is very important to keep neat and clean otherwise your skin get rashes or infection. Even in those days, the daily bath is necessary. If you have any problems with sanitary napkins – like changing rashes or itchiness the skin, so change the company & Wash your Undergarment well. Napkins also be changed as needed.

Please Check

If the required routine inspection cycle change, Scan to two months and take medical check-ups. For example, the interval between the periods of 28-35 days in case there’s a change in the pattern of his Make sure to check up the details. This investigation – the pelvic ultrasound, Thyroid Test (T 3, T 4, TSH Test).

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Doing Holidays with your Children – Take Care

18 04 2013

Fun-Holidays-with-your-familyThe holidays are synonymous of relaxation, but it is important to remain vigilant with children. Exposure to the sun, swimming, car trips, outdoor activities, picnics require some precautions. According to experts we are showing you precaution for your holidays.

The Sun Safe for all Ages

Have you thought about sunglasses and sunscreen for the whole family? Attention, they do not eliminate all risks. These protections reduce the dangers of sun exposure, but do not prolong tanning sessions, because they never filter all UV rays. For babies, too fragile, sunbathing are excluded. And until puberty, caution! Eyes and skin of children are more sensitive to UV than adults. Between 12 h and 16 h, a single watchword for the whole family all in the shade! Recall that umbrella does not block the reflection of rays on the ground.

Monitored your Children Bath on Beaches

Seaside, choose the patrolled beaches and let your kids dive only if they wear a green flag. However, even in a secure area, equip the armbands adapted to their ages and most importantly, do not leave your eyes!

Same in private swimming pools, where safety devices do not replace adult attention. A toddler can drown in a few inches of water.

By Car, Train Heat!

Try to travel at the times the cooler and install sunshades on the windows of your vehicle. Make your children drink regularly. The less than three years have a greater body composition in water and become dehydrated very quickly. A toddler cannot express his thirst in crying and screaming.
In Train, do not forget baby bottles and water bottles, because the air accelerates dehydration.
A Picnic Safety

At the time of meals or snacks, beware of insects attracted by the sweets. At picnic in the forest or in the countryside, do not eat on the floor, but on a blanket. During these walks, do not let children walk barefoot to avoid tick bites.

Teach them when they walk, not to touch the fruit without your permission: some can be toxic.

In case of barbecue, check the stability of your equipment and outline perimeter security for children. Embers remain dangerous a time after the end of the cooking! On vacation, sometimes we practice with more intensity sports sometimes unusual, which may increase the risk of accidents.

By following these steps your picnic or outdoor will be safe and successful.

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